Find your something blue…

For any lingerie-loving lady or gent seeking to add something luxuriously blue with a touch of sparkle to their lives, the new Tiffany's blue knickers have arrived at the KU SHU SHU eboutique

These precious frilly silk knickers come bedecked with diamante buckle and a large lace bow that just screams please unwrap me now!

KU SHU SHU has also added bridal goodies to the collection. Four beautiful garters are to be had: the Kate, the Taylor, the Venus and the Snow White, all worthy of gracing a gorgeous bride’s dainty leg on her wedding day!

If you’re still yearning for that something more, then indulge in KU SHU SHU’s ‘to die for garters’ and “unwrap me now frilly knickers”.  There is the rather decadent addition to our new range of a lace trimmed silk Snow White In Love kimono to get completely wrapped up in. A perfect gift for a bride or a cool, summertime white kimono for you maybe? Whatever your lingerie pleasure, the KU SHU SHU eboutique has the perfect treat for yourself or someone special!


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